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Parents Frequently Asked Questions

Perceptions of fraternities and sororities differ widely among parents and students. Social fraternities and sororities have enjoyed a long tradition at Moravian College. For almost ninety years, Greek organizations have thrived on campus. Currently, approximately 20% of Moravian’s students are members of one of the College’s four national sororities, two national fraternities, or one local fraternity. 


Fraternities and sororities are values-based social organizations dedicate to the development of character and leadership. Each organization subscribes to a specific set of core values and beliefs that incorporate concepts of brotherhood/sisterhood, service to the College and community, scholarship, leadership, and building relationships congruent with their ideals and traditions. 


What are the Academic Expectations?


Students with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.25 are eligible to participate in recruitment during the spring semester of their freshmen year at Moravian. The College believes that the academic life of a student is of utmost importance and that the student should have a period of transition to the College and its academics before joining the Greek community. 


Greek organizations recognize that academic achievement is the basis for future success. Therefore, most organizations have a higher academic expectation for membership than the College’s minimum expectation. Many fraternities and sororities include study sessions, tutoring, library time, and celebration of outstanding academic accomplishments within their membership education programs. Chapters also support and assist members who are struggling academically through scholarship programs by pairing those individuals with other members who are excelling to provide an extra layer of support.

The all-Greek GPA is consistently higher than the all-campus GPA.


What are the Financial Responsibilities?


Greek letter organizations have been self-sufficient since their inception and continue that tradition today receiving no supplemental funding from the College. Members are encouraged to discuss financial responsibilities with potential new members during recruitment.


Organizations are encouraged to be transparent about the financial obligations and educate members and potential new members on how their dues are being spent which may include a fee to the national headquarters, insurance costs, an initiation fee, and a badge fee, as well as money which is placed in the chapter’s operating budget to assist with membership education, philanthropy planning, and recruitment during the semester.


Dues vary from organization to organization. For more information about the financial responsibilities of a specific organization, potential new members should inquire during the recruitment process.


Are there Housing Opportunities for members?


All fraternity and sorority houses at Moravian College are owned and managed by College. Three of the four sorority houses are located on Main Street and the fourth is located on Monocacy Street. Two of the fraternity houses are located in the Hillside Complex and the third is located on Iron Street. Each sorority house can house approximately a half dozen members. Fraternity houses can house approximately ten to twelve members. 


Living in a Greek house is a privilege and members are expected to respect all residence hall expectations, as well as College policies and local, state, and federal laws. Prior to general room selection each April, the Director of Residence Life & Greek Life works with chapter leadership early in the spring semester to identify those members who will live in the chapter house for the upcoming academic year. Each organization is expected to fill their chapter house. 


The cost of living in a Greek house is very comparable to non-Greek housing rates.


What is a Ritual & Tradition?


Although some parents who have knowledge about the Greek system may not consider this aspect of Greek life to be of concern, many of the stereotypes that exist about Greek life cause the issue of secret societies to be of concern for parents. For those who have had no previous involvement or experience with Greek organizations, several aspects of the organizations’ membership knowledge and traditions are unknown to the uninitiated. 


Fraternity and sorority rituals and secrets do not exist to separate members of the Greek community, but instead are designed to bring together common bonds and shared values. In no ways are the ritual and secrets designed to be an elitist view that seeks to separate people along the basis of membership in an organization. Fraternities and sororities offer opportunities for students to experience leadership, scholarship, service, and lifelong friendships ingrained in a values-based ritual and tradition.


What is the New Member Period?


After accepting a bid, the new member period can last between four and eight weeks. The College expects that new member education does not extend into the final exam period.

This period provides new members an opportunity to learn about the larger organization, including the chapter at Moravian, as well as become acquainted with the chapter’s functions, operations, ritual, and values. New member education is an additional time commitment, but should not conflict with academic commitments. At the conclusion of the process, new members are initiated into the organization and are full members.


What about hazing?


Hazing is defined by Pennsylvania law as actions or situations that recklessly or intentionally compromise the mental or physical health of students for the purpose of initiation, admission, or affiliation with the organization. 


Hazing is in no way tolerated at Moravian College. At the beginning of each semester, this information is reviewed with each Greek organization. All members of the Greek community, including new members, are required to sign a hazing statement indicating that they understand what hazing is and that they will not participate or condone such behavior.


Additional information can be found in the Moravian College Student Handbook.

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