Name: Mikaylah Ott
Year: Class of 2018 (Senior)
Major: Communications
Mikaylah Ott is a senior, Communications Major, passionate about Alpha Sigma Tau and it's principles. She has worked hard towards keeping the chapter's values and morals.




President: Mikaylah Ott 

Vice President of Operations: Jordan Herr

Vice President of Finance: Eileen McMenamin

Vice President of Organization Development: Emily Bevans

Vice President of Member Development: Gina Innamorato 

Vice President of Growth: Kelly Keegan

Vice President of Community Relations: Kristy Harrison 

Vice President of Accreditations: Brianna Richards 



Secretary: Mackenzie Koziel 

Historian: Kayla Hartz

Nominations: Brooke Leacott


Finance Assistant: Emily Reiter 

Director of Housing: Angela Kelly 


Director of Event Planning: Katie Burlas 

Tau Honor Council Delegates: 


Director of Ritual: Kayla Herr

Director of New Member Education: Maddie Bachert

Director of Academic Success: Paige Kovacs 

Director of Structured Recruitment: Nicole Reichert


Director of Philanthropy: Morgan Walters

Director of Collegiate-Alumnae Engagement: Jenna Joseph

Director of Social Media: Angela Kelly 


Sister-at-Large: Maddie Bachert





The Delta Theta chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau currently has 41 active members!


Rachel Andrews 

Maddie Bachert

Lauren Bertucci

Emily Bevans

Olivia Biery

Allyson Bodziak

Katie Burlas

Miranda Buskirk

Madison Cesanek

Sara Cipriotti

Jamie Daly

Morgan Dluhy

Lexi Fabey

Kristy Harrison

Kayla Hartz

Jordan Herr

Kayla Herr

Holly Hinkle

Gina Innamorato

Jenna Joseph

Kelly Keegan

Angela Kelly

Paige Kovacs

Kenzie Koziel

Brooke Leacott

Holly Ludwig

Eileen McMenamin

Akaylah Mease

Michaella Ohl

Mikaylah Ott

Nicole Reichert

Emily Reiter

Brianna Richards

Caitlin Shoener

Elisa Silecchia

Brittany Strausser

Morgan Walters

Paige Weiss

Bryn Wiragh

Hannah Witkowski 

Natasha Zacarias